Rivals! The great rivalries of our world have shaped generations and pushed the growth of our technology space. Rivalries and competition are what drives for lower prices and better quality. And this is no different between Ford and Toyota. But if you are on Safari, which should you take a Toyota Land Cruiser or a Ford Ranger?

Ford Ranger

Available in both Single and Double Cab versions, the Ford Ranger is a capable 4×4 used to cross some of the harshed terrains in our country and surrounds. Made by Ford Motor Company in the USA, it offers new technology and engineering systems. Ford has been known for its power across all its cars and this model is no different.

The Ford Ranger models offer an array of comfort styles, from a luxury Bush Camper to a more relax rooftop tent model. The Bushcamper is certainly one of the most comfortable camping vehicles around with a spacious design and easy setup.

Toyota Landcruiser

The Toyota Landcruiser is a legend when it comes to 4×4 reports. Also available in Single and Double Cab, the Landcruiser has been used in some of the most rugged terrains around. From the Namibian Desert to the Okavango Delta, it has done them all. And with a brand built on its durability or in actual fact its inability to die, as shown on a Top Gear Experiment and by the number of old Land Cruisers still functioning.

This Japanese manufacturer is definitely Tough as it advertises. 

It comes with a similar luxury range of camping gear to the Ford, with a luxury Safari camper to the rooftop tent model. 

So which should you take?

The Toyota Landcruiser has been around longer, being built as early as 1951. And it has a harder suspension making it better on done and rough terrain. But the Ford is more than capable of following it on a journey and does offer a technological upper hand. The Land Cruisers are very popular and tend to have a higher price tag than the Ford Rangers. And thus your final decision should come down to Budget and Personal Preference, as there is little between them. 

I can assure you that no matter the vehicle, you can have a wonderful trip with memories that last a lifetime. And the vehicle you choose may add some comfort, but for the rest, nature takes care of it for you.